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Richmond Pallet Picker Corporation

Manufacturing since 2007

Since 2007, countless clients have counted on Richmond Pallet Picker for their pallet requirements. 
Our endless commitment to providing them with excellence has built our reputation as one of the best in the industry. With our flexibility in customizing pallets that are not commonly available, 
we are sure you will get exactly what you need!

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Standard 48x40 size pallets are available for regular standard or custom specifications for various industries special requirements.  
Contact us for your requirements!


We offer custom wood pallets and crates made to order for your specific requirements for any size not commonly available. 
Contact us for your projects!


Pallet recycling is a great way to help our environment by keeping them from the landfill.  Usable and Repairable wooden pallets can be reconditioned to extend their life span as much as possible.
Contact us for our pallet recycling option.


IPPC Certified  HT Pallets

Richmond Pallet Picker Corp is CMSA Certified for IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) and HT (Heat Treatment) for our pallets.  
Heat Treated wooden pallets is crucial in preventing wooden pest infestations and fungi contamination and is a requirement in shipping to many countries.

Standard non-HT pallets are also available to order.

Our Pallet Recycling Programs

Solutions to your Pallet Removal and  Recycle Requirements

Pallet Removal Program

Daily or Weekly Pickup 

Your solution to clearing up your unused Pallets  to free up floor space and keep your yard clean!  Whether it is a daily or weekly pickup you require, we offer flexible scheduling for pickups.  Our low minimum pickup requirement is 50 pallets.

Trailer Program

Trailer Drop off & Pick up [Swap]

Providing you with a consistent solution to freeing up unwanted pallet floor space.  This program is suitable for companies that move pallets in volumes for their daily operations.  Instead of cluttering up our warehouse floor space with unused pallets, we have a solution for you!
We would provide a trailer dropped off at your specified bay door for easy loading your daily pallets.  And we are only a quick email away to booking a trailer swap!

Buying Used & Repairable Pallets Program

Buying Good Used Repairable Pallets from you   
~ a Win Win for everyone!

We offer a buying program for Good Used and Repairable Standard 48x40 pallets.  Our low minimum pickup requirement is 50 pallets.


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